General Elections are coming November 3rd!

A Moment of Citizen Power

More than 200,000 Alabamians call Baldwin County home. The diverse communities in which we live extend from the northernmost reaches of the Tensaw River Delta to our sugar-white sands on the Gulf of Mexico. Abundant natural resources, safe neighborhoods and quality public schools — just a few of the reasons our county has emerged as the fastest growing in the state.

Though rapid expansion has brought opportunity to many, its sweeping consequences are felt by all. Increasingly, those most determined to protect our environment, improve our infrastructure and advance our civic capacity are finding their voice among Baldwin County Democrats.

We work with like-minded friends and seasoned activists to hold government accountable and demand equity for every citizen.

We seek out our neighbors about their concerns and use real-time perspective to inform our positions.

We bring to bear our experience and conviction in support of candidates and causes that strengthen our community.

We constitute a new, progressive movement in Baldwin County – one that promises to confront our troubled history, reaffirm our common ground, and force much-needed change.

This is a moment of citizen power. Join the Baldwin County Democrats in seizing it.

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  • Mobilize!

    Great movements aspire to create a positive impact on the world.

    Baldwin County Democrats are at the center of a new progressive movement driving needed changes in our community. We work in concert with fellow Democrats across Alabama to promote careful stewardship of our natural resources, investment in infrastructure and small business development, and the continuing reform of our healthcare and criminal justice systems. We are committed to safeguarding the personal and privacy rights of every Alabamian, and we recognize the power of story to build understanding and relationships across diverse communities.

  • Organize!

    Membership in the Baldwin Democrats is booming and opportunities for meaningful service abound. New volunteers can elect to focus on voter engagement (phone banking, neighborhood canvassing), member relations (internal communications, special events), leadership development or fundraising.

    Our county-wide organization operates through four regional clubs (North Baldwin, Central Baldwin, South Baldwin and Eastern Shore). A central, duly-elected executive committee provides strategic and leadership support for club officers. In addition, Baldwin Democrats are actively involved in numerous social justice organizations and faith-based service initiatives throughout our county and across the state.

    It’s been said that community organizing awakens the dormant power in a community. One need only survey the growing influence of Baldwin County Democrats to know the art of organizing is alive and well here.

  • Vote!

    Honoring the privilege and responsibility of voting is a core principle for Baldwin County Democrats. The process of recruiting, preparing and electing individuals to public office can be fraught with unanticipated (and often unwelcome) challenges. Yet no other partisan effort can forge the kinds of relationships and the leadership skill set to be found at the close of a successful election campaign.

    Baldwin County Democrats take pride in their dedicated army of campaign volunteers – a group that has seen exponential growth in recent months as more and more citizens recognize the urgency of “Getting-out-the-Vote.”

  • Win!

    To “grow our tent” and sustain this movement, we must expand our understanding of the realm of the possible. Through clarity of purpose, the power of shared values, and the legitimacy afforded by effective inclusion, Baldwin County Democrats can look forward to success on many fronts going forward.

    However, one aspiration stands out among our many goals as fundamental to the achievement of all others. That is, the creation of a dynamic network of informed, committed change agents – citizens on the frontline in defense of their neighbors’ constitutional protections and their children’s future prospects.
    As to the likelihood of fulfilling that expectation, there is no question. our fellow Baldwin Democrats, we are already there.

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